How flexible should a company be when launching into a new market space

Productivity trade offs impact speed to deploy

When companies launch into a new market space the time spent by the CEO and the board is prioritised to ensure that the high priority items are addressed to make sure the business works...this is understood and clear with speed to market and other factors taken into consideration.

Once on the ground companies that are nimble and want to give themselves a competitive advantage have to invest in an ERP system to streamline processes and adhere to a standard which instantly implements controls and minimises risks based on the operational processes.

The difference between companies and tends to highlight how forward thinking they are is when they decide at what point they need an ERP system.

CEO's get over it..the question is not if you need an ERP system..its when you need an ERP system...

1. Wait until you are swamped by bureaucracy and loss of productivity buried in routine administrative tasks 

2. Get ahead of the curve and put the ERP in the middle of your growth phase and instil adoption during your maximum traction phase to enable you to focus on growing the business

Which camp are you in? 
For this to work you need a feature rich and friendly system with quick adoption and a certain level of user friendliness that your users wont baulk..

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