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Adopted by thousands of companies worldwide, Odoo ERP is ideal for 

managing daily tasks and creating an agile business.


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Do you want to implement an ERP system like Odoo?

Odoo ERP has developed over the years into a leading business platform in the open-source ERP market. It has been adopted by thousands of companies worldwide and covers all areas of business processes. This makes it ideal for managing your daily tasks and transforming your company into a digital, optimised and agile business.

Why not Implement your ERP in an EPIC way!

Our vast experience enables us to understand the processes of your business and make Odoo work for you. We can help you integrate ERP with complete process templates  right from the beginning. Get the most out of Odoo with our consultancy services tailored to your needs.

What Is EPIC?  









As a first step, we configure Odoo for your business. Then we perform training, prototyping and design sessions.

Controls and business procedural supporting information is brought into your implementation to maximise your internal controls.

Next, we define and implement the processes that will help your teams work more efficiently and effectively, using the best of Odoo features and functionalities.

Finally, we work with you to keep a careful eye on the processes as they evolve to maximise benefits and performance.

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Odoo ERP Implementation Made Easy with erpSOFTapp


Our Odoo ERP implementation services at erpSOFTapp provide customised software development services to configure the Odoo framework for client bespoke processes on different platforms.  

We have been working on Odoo implementations for many years now and have served many industries across Africa and Europe.  

While providing Odoo installation services to mature businesses, we also penetrate deep into the new markets by offering Odoo development services to startups. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best Business Solutions. We believe success lies in building long lasting relationships, working with each client's individual business goals, and helping them succeed by maximising the platform. 

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