Digital Transformation on steroids..will you be left in its wake

16 May, 2023 by
Digital Transformation on steroids..will you be left in its wake
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ChatGPT, AutoGPT, AgentAGI, BabyAGI and it goes on and on..yes it's only the beginning in the burgeoning world of applications with AI space in the spotlight with real world applications solving specific use cases.

Can you continue to ignore digitisation and what it means for the evolution of your business?

Most of you have a smartphone and use the popular messaging apps for communication but can you communicate with your business on a mobile application to ensure your operations are running smoothly...One single mobile app to run your business not a proliferation of multiple apps.

The tools and systems are available and out there but what level of evolution are you enforcing within your organisation to smooth your path to business efficiency.
For all those businesses working in analogue mode in 2023 without a strategy to adopt operations on a comprehensive digital platform, you are fumbling in the dark ages whilst your competitors are roaring ahead with productivity.

The changes in the marketplace in the last 3 years post covid have been an accelerant to digitisation and the explosion to come with AI tools and what it will mean for businesses is quite profound.

What strategy do you have to coalesce your operations across a slimmed down set of platforms that you use today, with the integration aspects hampering real time information?

How many different software platforms are in most businesses today ranging from email, video, messaging, document storage, accounting, inventory etc ? 30, 40 100+. Include the analogue spreadsheets you're still maintaining!!

Before looking forward to advances in blockchain applications with use cases that will change the way businesses conduct themselves in the future, what strategy do you have in place today to get yourself ready for the next wave of Web3.0 applications?

Maybe the best place to start is to do the basics and reach out for the low hanging fruit.

1. Get yourself onto a comprehensive business platform with the ease of use and integrated functions across various departments

2. There are lots of platforms that you should be using as a start point and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system solves most of these issues.

3. SAP, Oracle, Workday, Odoo, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite..there are others in the marketplace these are the main ones to consider and benchmark.

4. Resist the temptation to turn your company into a software house and first adopt the best practice processes in these systems as you get your departments operations to digitise your operations. Once you have adopted as much as you can standardised and re-engineered aspects of what you do internally to match the platform you can consider customising to bring in specific operations key to your company.

5. Your mindset has to change when you adopt a digital platform..with the progression and the changes in the marketplace these days...your long term productivity gains as a company depends on getting these systems in place.

Digital Transformation on steroids..will you be left in its wake
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