How to manouver the minefield that is an ERP Implementation

Increase your chances of success by addressing the key points
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How to manouver the minefield that is an ERP Implementation
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The technology market continues to go through an exciting and transformative period to date with the evolution of systems at a price point that gives SME's better systems that just over a decade ago was the preserve of bigger companies who had big budgets to undertake implementations.

Traditional ERP systems still have a limited capability to provide the best overall solution at a price point for SMEs to afford an ERP that can evolve with the pace of technological advances.

Odoo IS the trailblazer in this market space and is the one system that combines ease of use, flexibility and a best in class Total Cost of Ownership over the lifetime of the investment.

The disruptive influence of Odoo's business suite means that today companies building their technology landscape without integrating Odoo Enterprise ERP from the beginning to be a central part of their technical architecture stack are missing a trick and spending additional effort, time and money which lengthens the timeline to profitability and improved productivity by over complicating and managing a complex technical landscape. CTO's please take note.

Just because Odoo has developed a business suite to demystify and drop the entry barrier for companies to access an ERP does not mean companies should disregard the enormity of what an ERP Implementation should deliver and choose to ignore key aspects of implementing such a system.

There is a reason why 70% of implementations in the ERP space are deemed to not have achieved their objectives and clients and implementers need to ensure the minimum expectations are well defined and managed on both sides to ensure a successful transformation project.

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How to manouver the minefield that is an ERP Implementation
Webmaster 8 January 2023
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