Odoo V17 Update: What To Expect

3 November, 2023 by
Odoo V17 Update: What To Expect
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As the launch of Odoo V17 approaches, excitement brews over the forthcoming features set to transform business management. Let's dive into the specific enhancements that users can expect.

Odoo V17 Expected Features

AI Website Builder: Instant Site Setup

The highlight of Odoo V17 is the AI-powered website builder, designed to streamline the website creation process. By answering a few questions tailored to their preferences, users can instantly set up their own website. This feature promises a quicker and more personalised approach to website development, empowering businesses to establish an online presence effortlessly.

New Look and Feel

The soon to be released, Version 17, brings forth an evolved and enhanced user interface (UI) that redefines the user experience and operational efficiency. The emphasis of this revamped UI is on elevating the overall usability and streamlining productivity.

In this updated iteration, users are introduced to a modernised UI featuring a sleek design. The user interface has undergone significant improvements in usability, offering a more intuitive and fluid interaction for users. These enhancements aim to simplify navigability and streamline access to essential functions and features.

This not only modernises the UI but also significantly augments the platform's overall effectiveness.

HR Home Working Module: Real-Time Employee Tracking

The HR Home Working module stands out as an innovative tool for tracking employee locations and work schedules. Integrated with the calendar application, it allows real-time monitoring of employee locations, whether they are at the main office, a branch, a client's site, or working from home. 

This feature also gives every employee access to company organogram which ensures better insight into workforce logistics, aiding in resource allocation and coordination.

Manufacturing Order Overview: Simplified Production Control

Odoo V17 introduces the Manufacturing Order Overview, consolidating essential manufacturing details into one comprehensive document. This single form includes crucial information like production schedules, order dates, and the assigned sales representative. This centralisation aims to enhance visibility and facilitate informed decision-making in the production line.

Final Takeaway 

The forthcoming Odoo V17 promises a fresh wave of tools aimed at simplifying business operations. These enhancements are poised to streamline processes and adapt to the evolving work environment. 

Get ready to experience these new features upon the release of Odoo V17!

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Odoo V17 Update: What To Expect
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