The Future of ERP: Key Features to Look Forward to in Odoo 18

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The Future of ERP: Key Features to Look Forward to in Odoo 18
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Odoo 18 is on the horizon, and it's set to revolutionise the way businesses operate with its array of new features. If you have been looking forward to what the new version holds, we have got you covered. This latest version brings enhancements across various modules, ensuring a more seamless, efficient, and integrated experience. Here are all the enhancements across Odoo 18 that we know to this point:

1. Sales Commissions Module

The new Sales Commissions Module is a game-changer for sales teams. It allows businesses to calculate commissions based on multiple metrics such as invoiced amounts, sold quantities, and margins. You can create complex rules with specific weights for different products or categories, ensuring that sales incentives are accurately aligned with company goals.

2. Combo Products Everywhere

Odoo 18 integrates combo products across all sales channels, including Point of Sale, Sales, eCommerce, Rental, and Subscriptions. This feature simplifies the management of product bundles, ensuring consistency and ease of use across different platforms.

3. PDF Quote Builder 2.0

The enhanced PDF Quote Builder 2.0 now supports translations and allows the use of any fields based on a whitelist. Customizable zones can be manually modified for each quotation, offering greater flexibility and precision in client communications.

4. Point of Sale Enhancements

The Point of Sale module sees significant improvements, such as the ability to create products without leaving the POS interface, barcode lookup, and direct access to backend views from the front-end. These updates streamline the sales process, making it faster and more user-friendly.

5. E-Commerce Upgrades

Odoo 18 brings a host of upgrades to eCommerce, including a one-page checkout, options to hide/shop pages for unknown customers, various SEO improvements, and mega menu generation based on categories. Multiple warehouses display enhances inventory management for online stores, ensuring a smoother customer experience.

6. Inventory Improvements

Enhancements in inventory management include better delivery dispatching with order pickings in batch for delivery rounds, improved automated batches, and a revamped barcode app. These features make inventory handling more efficient and accurate.

7. Accounting Enhancements

Odoo 18’s Accounting module introduces a new invoicing dashboard, easier onboarding, improved bank synchronisation, invoice layout customization, and more providers for better financial management.  Odoo Accounting now supports 'Days end of month on the' payment terms! With this feature, set a specific day in the next month as the due date for easy payments' management and accommodation to local payment terms.   These enhancements simplify financial operations and improve accuracy.

8. Localisations & HR/Payroll

Significant investments in localizations bring new features for HR and Payroll, including fingerprint management, job board integrations, advanced time-off management, and payroll enhancements. These updates cater to diverse global business needs.

9. CRM & Marketing Innovations

Expect a brand-new app for community engagement, WhatsApp integration across various modules, improved appointment management, and better marketing automation tools. These features enhance customer relationship management and streamline marketing efforts.

10. All Employee Activities

Another interesting feature to anticipate in Odoo 18 is the ability to delegate tasks to all or some of your employees from one place

Odoo 18 is set to offer a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to various business needs, ensuring improved efficiency, accuracy, and integration across all operations. Stay tuned for the official release to experience these powerful new features firsthand!

The Future of ERP: Key Features to Look Forward to in Odoo 18
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