Transforming the Oil and Gas 

Downstream Industry in Nigeria 

erpSOFTapp  has developed the Oil and Gas vertical for downstream 

operations tailored for Nigerian companies in Odoo Enterprise ERP.

ERP for Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria

Transforming the oil and gas downstream Industries has its challenges. In line with this, erpSOFTapp has developed the Oil and Gas vertical for downstream operations tailored for Nigerian companies in Odoo Enterprise ERP.The oil and gas industry in Nigeria accounts for over 90% of export and 80% of the country’s revenue. Nigeria has the largest oil reserves in Africa with over 150 oil fields and over 1,400 active oil wells. This has attracted major Oil and Gas companies such as Total, Shell, Petrobras, Statoil, Nexen Inc etc. These companies spend millions of dollars on ERP platforms to manage their operations and personnel across typically global operations and to control their upstream and downstream operations.  

Transforming the oil and gas downstream industry has its challenges. One of which is ensuring that controls across the various key operations are consistent to manage operations such as;    
1. Government Regulation 
2. Department Petroleum and Resource 
3. Shipping Companies 
4. Depot Management 
5. Petroleum Equitable Fund 
6. Oil Marketers 
7. Retail Stations and Forecourt 
8. State Planning 
9. Construction Companies 
10. Fleet Management 
11. Human Resources Management  

What you need to know 

For oil and gas companies, it is important to choose the most modern, mobile, flexible system with the lowest total cost of ownership. In line with this,   erpSOFTapp   has developed the Oil and Gas vertical for downstream operations tailored for Nigerian companies in Odoo Enterprise ERP. Click  DEMO  now to request a demonstration. 

With the deregulation of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and the pressure being brought onto companies to control the market price of refined petrol, the market dynamic has changed considerably which means the only operators that can survive have a very efficient distribution process to ensure the sale of refined petroleum products remain profitable.  

Challenges and Overcoming Them

Engaging in improving systems and processes on a platform is a key element to enable more effective operations though few  companies undertake this journey due to several factors which include:​


Internal resistance to change


Non-existent change management controls


Steering committee full-scale commitment to program objectives 


Appetite to embark on a major transformation program


Full commitment to combating sharp practices

ERP System Tiers

Tier 1 

SAP, Oracle, Workday

Tier 2 

Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage X3, Infor

These projects have a typical timeline of over 2 years. The operational aspects can evolve with the eventual benefit of impacting the bottom line of the company’s profits and enable the real-time operation reporting they require on the business to give them the confidence to continue to expand their footprint in the marketplace.

Odoo ERP for Oil and Gas Industry

Overview of How erpSOFTapp Can Improve your Oil and Gas Depot Operations.  The oil and gas companies that have survived the last few years rely on ready funding sources either through local or international finance houses. This is just one of the various halfway measures and solutions some Oil and Gas companies use. 

The true leaders in the field make sure they have an ERP system to cover right across their operations.

Odoo ERP is the latest wave of ERP systems at a uniquely low ownership cost with the modern flexibility required to deliver a world-class solution to the Oil and Gas downstream sector to unify all aspects of operations at a competitive price point over a 5 or 10-year investment life cycle  for a business platform.

For companies that want to improve their operations, they should note that one of the biggest Oil and Gas downstream companies in the world    Petronas    run aspects of their operations on Odoo Enterprise ERP.

Oil and Gas Operation

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