CEO BLAZE Guide to ERP Selection

Enterprise Resource Planning Evaluation steps
7 February, 2023 by
CEO BLAZE Guide to ERP Selection
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How to select an ERP system

Bcritical and selective in your product selection 

Choose a modern feature rich mobile responsive platform
Innovative and progressive evolution of the product
How often does the vendor release an upgrade.
A major product upgrade can cost as much as 50-60% of the original implementation costs

Licenses  - How much does it cost application and technical infrastructure

Database license, number of users per year
Operating system license
Software license for all users across functions required
Vendors annual maintenance


Choose the right implementation partner
International experience lends an edge
DO not accept a standardised system implementation approach, they must tune into your business and deliver the results on the Enterprise Resource Planning platform.
Customisations MUST be kept to a minimum.

Configure first, Customise last only if a workaround is not sufficient.


Choose an Implementer that shows the enthusiasm about the product and can give instant solutions to show you how the product can be used to instantly enhance your business.
Grill the Implementation partner to make sure their knowledge and experience matches your expectations
Your implementer should take the time to really understand your business and produce detailed business requirements based on your business process.


Expect a professional approach
Your implementer should not offer a more expensive solution when the package you have acquired has functionality that can be used.
Beware of costly integration.
Explore your implementers knowledge and have a roadmap for your systems 5 years down the line. Mobile Integration, Document Management Systems, Embrace the digital and cloud age.

CEO BLAZE Guide to ERP Selection
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