Continental Blue Investment Unifies Business Process With Odoo: A Case Study

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Continental Blue Investment Unifies Business Process With Odoo: A Case Study
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Since its inception in 2017, Continental Blue Investment (CBI) Ghana has grown remarkably. CBI has evolved into a manufacturer of high-quality cement for Ghanaian builders. Certified by the Ghana Standards Authority, CBI serves a diverse clientele, including contractors, real estate developers, and masons across the Ghanaian region.

Encounter with Odoo

As an innovative and forward-thinking company, CBI is dedicated to providing the best service to its clients. To achieve this, maintaining highly efficient internal operations is crucial to meet the continuous demands of their clients. Without an existing ERP system, CBI recognised the need for a solution that could streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and enhance data accuracy.

CBI embarked on a comprehensive search for an ERP system that could support their growing operational needs. They explored various options in the market, seeking a platform that could seamlessly integrate with their business processes and scale with their growth. After a thorough evaluation of the alternatives, CBI chose Odoo because it best met their business requirements, and enabled them to grow from their startup phase into the market leader they are today. 

erpSOFTapp was selected as their implementation partner and has been part of their journey for over 7 years and counting to maximise their investment.  

Key Odoo Operational Tools

Odoo is an incredibly versatile platform with a wide array of modules to tackle any business challenge. For CBI, the Purchase, Sales, Inventory, and Manufacturing modules have proven to be especially invaluable.

The SALES application utilises customer-specific price lists, allowing users to specify the exact products and amounts applicable to each customer. It manages the entire sales process, from quotation to sales order, and oversees the delivery and invoicing of sold items.

The PURCHASE application efficiently manages purchase agreements, quotations, and purchase orders, providing tools to oversee purchase tenders, automate replenishment, and track orders seamlessly.

The INVENTORY application functions autonomously, allowing users to set up warehouses, manage locations, organise products, and perform quality control.

The MANUFACTURING application offers complete manufacturing functions. Manufacturing productivity was the sole focus when developing its features for the company. Designed with a keen focus on boosting productivity, the manufacturing module includes features such as work centres and operations, production scheduling, bills of materials, and manufacturing orders.

Achievements with Odoo

At CBI Company, Odoo's powerful Manufacturing application has played a pivotal role in boosting productivity and operational efficiency. By leveraging features such as streamlined work centers and operations, precise production scheduling, comprehensive bills of materials, and efficient management of manufacturing orders, CBI has significantly improved their manufacturing processes.

Additionally, Odoo's integrated approach across modules like Purchase, Sales, and Inventory has enabled CBI to optimise inventory levels, streamline procurement processes, and enhance customer satisfaction through timely deliveries.

Overall, Odoo has empowered CBI Company to achieve greater agility, improved resource utilisation, and sustainable growth in today's competitive market.


Continental Blue Investment (CBI) Ghana's journey with Odoo ERP showcases the transformative power of a well-chosen ERP system. By embracing Odoo and erpSOFTapp, CBI not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also positioned itself for sustained growth and success in the competitive cement industry. 

Company Name: Continental Blue Investment

Location: Ghana

Industry: Cement Manufacturing

Apps: Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Accounting and more

Company Size: 100+ 

Odoo Users: 40

Hosting platform: Odoo sh

Continental Blue Investment Unifies Business Process With Odoo: A Case Study
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