How Chartered Institute of Directors Nigeria Improved Their Efficiency With Odoo: A Case Study

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How Chartered Institute of Directors Nigeria Improved Their Efficiency With Odoo: A Case Study
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Founded on May 17, 1983, the Chartered Institute of Directors Nigeria (CIoD Nigeria), formerly known as the Institute of Directors Nigeria (IoD Nigeria), operates as an affiliate of the Institute of Directors UK (IoD UK), established in London in 1903. 

CIoD Nigeria serves as a professional institute dedicated to advancing directors, fostering corporate governance, advocating for its members to government bodies, enhancing the business environment for development, and providing comprehensive services to its membership. Through its initiatives, CIoD Nigeria has played a pivotal role in developing professional standards of directorship and disseminating best practice guidelines to help directors perform their duties effectively and meet international standards. CIoD Nigeria is at the forefront of promoting good governance practices within Nigerian companies and the general public sector.

Encounter with erpSOFTapp

In their pursuit of real-time information and operational efficiency, the Chartered Institute of Directors (CIoD) took on the mission to transition to a paperless system; addressing challenges in maintaining accurate data records and ensuring precise financial records. After an extensive search and rigorous consultation process, CIoD selected erpSOFTapp. 

Our understanding of their specific needs, coupled with our outstanding customer service, made erpSOFTapp the ideal partner for CIoD. By choosing erpSOFTapp, CIoD found the ideal implementation partner to streamline their operations, enhance data accuracy, and achieve their goal of a fully integrated, paperless environment— Odoo!

Key Operational Tools

One wonderful thing about Odoo is that companies and businesses can subscribe to use only tools necessary for their day-to-day operations. 

The key tools (modules) utilised by CIoD include the Website, Members, and Subscriptions modules, as well as the suite of financial applications. 

The MEMBERS application manages member profiles, membership plans, and renewal statuses, facilitating registrations, payment tracking, and automated renewal notifications.

The WEBSITE application oversees website pages, blog posts, and form submissions, optimising content for search engines and monitoring visitor interactions. 

The SUBSCRIPTION application tracks subscription plans, customer renewals, and recurring invoices, automating billing cycles and monitoring subscription metrics. 

The INVOICING application handles invoice creation, distribution, and payment management in a centralized platform. 

The ACCOUNTING application delivers comprehensive accounting functionality, including AI-driven invoice recognition, bank account synchronization, and intelligent transaction matching.

CIoD’s Achievements with Odoo

Since adopting Odoo, CIoD Nigeria has achieved significant milestones. Real-time data access has enabled CIoD to pinpoint operational improvements and maintain meticulous organisation-wide data integrity. Notably, the implementation has driven substantial growth in new member subscriptions. CIoD has also streamlined operations, thanks to practical process improvements facilitated by erpSOFTapp's robust support and effective implementation strategies. These successes underscore erpSOFTapp's commitment to continuous enhancement and exemplary client service, positioning CIoD Nigeria for sustained success and future innovation.


CIoD Nigeria has strengthened its governance framework through strategic initiatives, leveraging the Odoo ERP system to streamline administrative processes, including governance oversight, member relations, and training programs. This integration has significantly enhanced CIoD Nigeria's operational efficiency, supported by Odoo's dedicated support and ongoing enhancements.

Company Name: Chartered Institute Of Directors 

Location: Nigeria

Industry: Professional Associations and Governance

Apps: Website, Subscription, Human Resources, Purchases, Accounting, Members, Documents, and more

Odoo Users: 36

Hosting type: On Premise

How Chartered Institute of Directors Nigeria Improved Their Efficiency With Odoo: A Case Study
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