Meet Odoo Version 16

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14 January, 2023 by
Meet Odoo Version 16
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Odoo Version 16 was released at the Odoo Conference 2022 

The main highlights are a much faster system performance wise, auto save as you work in the system due to blazing fast performance

  • 1 price for all apps !! Factor of 10x cheaper than competition
  • Fully customisable dashboards
  • Dynamic analytic accounts
  • New Knowledge Base application

There are over 400 improvements to the previous version and Odoo continues to set the pace in the business suite market to bring this level of digitisation to companies at an unrivalled price point.

Meet Odoo Version 16

Odoo 16, the best Odoo ever

Meet Odoo Version 16
Webmaster 14 January 2023
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