Navigate the matrix that is the ERP technology landscape

Adoption of an ERP is central  to achieve strategic objectives
10 January, 2023 by
Navigate the matrix that is the ERP technology landscape
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Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to 2023.

Strategic initiatives undertaken independent of a focus on the technology platform to evolve and maintain the direction of the initiatives are short sighted and akin to applying a handbrake on the company's progression.

Companies tend to evolve using spreadsheets and documents from day one, especially SMEs as they build out their market fit and develop the business.

As a CTO, COO or CFO in 2023 if you are starting out and you are not using a digital platform to manage your business transactions as your business evolves within the first 3 months or it's not on the roadmap to implement within the first 6 months something is amiss.

With the myriad of digital platforms for recording and improving compliance from day 1, there is no excuse for ignoring this approach. Certainly cost of entry is not a barrier as on you can register and use one application for free!!.

With the era of AI looming large on the horizon, you can only hope to evolve and take  advantage of advances in this space if you are already managing your operations on a digital platform. For most businesses an ERP is sufficient to cover the core operational elements which most clients extend into their own market vertical.

If you are not using an ERP platform and are still stuck in the analogue world, how do you plan to implement and maintain an innovative and progressive culture to keep abreast of the constantly moving landscape that is predominantly technology led nowadays. 
The technical systems architecture has always been a core necessity for a company and has strategic benefits to control operations, compliance, business adoption, accountability and a host of other operational aspects.

Companies that continue to ignore the steady march and adoption of this level of sophistication will continue to row against the tide and experience a steady decline in their relevance within the marketplace.

The more technology savvy the workforce becomes, most employees will expect a certain level of operational sophistication with a company using the right systems to enable an improved work life balance most people crave. Maintaining employee interest within their roles will be more difficult for companies running outdated operations because it points to a more strategic lack of direction within the business.

Take the blue pill and navigate your way to implementing Odoo ERP today.

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Navigate the matrix that is the ERP technology landscape
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